Your customers are on social media

Vonnimedia creates and deploys compelling paid social advertising campaigns in front of your target audiences


Connect with your audience instantly

We are opportunists.

We use creative design, sophisticated data platforms, and audience AI to grow leading brands.

Leveraging platforms such as Meta, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Snapchat and YouTube, we drive your ads where your customers are.

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Paid Social benefits


Sophisticated segmentation to reach your ideal customer.


Deep understanding in consumer behaviour through endless data points.


Global network of 4.48 billion people that use social media worldwide.


Re-engage with your future customers over and over again.

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To convert, creative matters

At Vonnimedia we have deployed thousands of Paid Social ads and know what images, carousels, gifs, and videos work.

Leverage the power of social media ads today.

Our Process


Balancing brand and profit, we map out a strategy, forecast and funnel to position your next steps.


We plan, design and curate all assets for your digital advertising strategy.


With clear analysis and actionable insights, we make data-driven decisions.


We A/B test multiple variations of audiences, ad creatives and messaging to find winning formulations.


We continuously reiterate to scale the best performing audiences, ad creatives and messaging.


Grow your business sustainably combining the art of brand, distribution and data.

Why Paid Social

If you have 17 million+ Australians scrolling through Paid Social platforms everyday, there is an opportunity to unlock traffic and revenue to your brand at scale.

Our goal is to position you in front of your target audience through segmentation and positioning strategies on their favourite apps of choice.

At Vonnimedia we know what compelling creative converts per medium.

Spread Awareness

Leverage your buying personas in tailored audiences and test compelling creative to them to uncover your winning formulas.

Scale Revenue

With a data-first approach, we deploy winning creatives on Paid Social Ads that will continue to grow your business online.

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Paid Social


As technical specialists with a creative background, we buy media efficiently whilst having your brand top of mind.

Kick-off your journey with Vonnimedia today.